They say culture and food are the spirit of life. Not sure who “they” are but I can see where they are coming from. Lately though, it seems as if food and culture go hand in hand. When people think of culture, they go for the food and how it defines that aspect of life. People see fortune cookies and chow mein and automatically identify Chinese and what it means to them. You would be hard pressed to call it stereotyping, more so just an entry way to the culture being described. Using this logic, I am reminded why we choose this route in the pursuit of culture. I look no further then the neighbors to my local JACL (Japanese American Citizens League), Junes Cafe.

Bacon Fried Rice at June’s Cafe

Harken back to the good ol’ days of Japan town in Sacramento, right there on the outskirts of midtown lies this quaint cafe. The menu is a throwback to simpler times, as in Japanese Internment. Items like the “Weiner Royale” and “Loco Moco” speak more to history then to cultural cuisine. You won’t find sushi, sake bombs, or even fresh fish for that matter. What you do get is a humbling experience to what many nisei and issei grew up with and still go back to for more. If you get a chance, please patron this local business and keep the history alive.

June’s Cafe located on 921 V Street  Sacramento, CA 95818 To call: (916) 447-2264