Lately in my life, I’ve been hearing so much about living in the moment. The idea comes from this superficial existence in which we believe that the only time is now and that life will keep moving, with or without you. Nothing hits you so hard as to think that this idea doesn’t hold some weight, especially when you recently get out of two long term relationships. I’m not an advocate of stupidity, far from it. I do truly believe though that to live life to the fullest, their must be some interest in your part to live it. The motions we go through in life are largely due in part to how much we want to actually move. If the next stage in my life deems for me to take a leap of faith, then I shouldn’t be scared to live in the moment, even if the consequences may not be what I am seeking. I guess the best part about only living once is that you don’t live twice.


TL;DR: Rambling about making the most out of life.